Impact Investing in Chicago

A Guide to Funding Opportunities for Social Enterprises

Raising the capital needed to launch a startup can be a daunting challenge. Fortunately for today’s social enterprises, a growing number of investors are putting their dollars behind entrepreneurs who cultivate social consciousness within their business models and greater ecosystem. This list is meant to bring clarity to such leaders, as they begin to explore an unprecedented landscape of funding opportunities. In order to qualify, firms must have a presence in Chicago, make early-stage investments, and prioritize enterprises that are mission-driven and/or are women-owned. 

Capital and Angel Investor Firms

  • Abundant Venture Partners “Focused on improving the human condition” | Incubation, Acceleration | Social Enterprises: Human Wellness, Engagement & Performance
  • Batterson Venture Capital “Enables innovative technologies to reshape industry, our world, and its people towards a stronger future” | Early Stage | Biotech, Communications, Healthcare, Media, Energy, and Internet Tech
  • Benefit Chicago “Investments that have the potential to deliver social, economic, and environmental impact” | Early Stage, Fixed-Income Investments | Social Enterprises
  • Chicago ArchAngels “Working Capital to build the future” | Seed Stage, Early Stage | Medical Devices, Healthcare Tech, Digital Tech, Manufacturing, Green Tech, Clean Energy, Financial Services, Education, Consumer Products
  • FireStarter Fund “Development of significant new technologies that improve people’s lives” | Early Stage | Digital Tech
  • Impact Engine Women-owned, “Investing in companies that optimize both financial and social returns” | Social Enterprises | Social Impact: Generalist
  • Iroquios Valley “Mission-driven investors to finance the future of organic agriculture in America” | Early Stage Real Estate Investments (Farmland) | Social Enterprises: Organic Agriculture
  • Koh Founders “Focused on mission driven entrepreneurs in emerging ecosystems” | Pre-Seed | Marketplaces, Digital Healthcare, AI, Messaging Platforms, Mobile, IoT, Inefficient Industries, Software and Services
  • Math Venture Partners “Partners in building a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem” | Seed Stage, Early Stage | Products, Services, Advantages in Customer Acquisition
  • OS Fund “Revolutionizing economic sectors and offering promising solutions to our world’s most intractable challenges” | Early Stage | Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Diagnostics, New Materials, Data and Energy
  • Pipeline Angels Women-owned, “Creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs” | Friends & Family Round | Generalist
  • Sandbox Industries “Drive to improve the system, the status quo, and people’s lives” | Early Stage, Connects Startups and Corporations | Food & Agriculture Tech, Healthcare, Insurance
  • Turner Impact Capital “Diverse team committed to harnessing market forces to create societal solutions on a national scale” | Early Stage Real Estate Investments | Social Enterprise: Education, Housing and Healthcare
  • Vue Ventures Midwest Women-owned | Early Stage | Tech
  • Washing Pond Ventures Women-owned | Incubation, Early Stage, Direct Investment | Consumer Web, B2B, Conferences/Events
  • West Suburban Angels “Investors interested in financial return and community impact” | Early Stage | Information Tech, Business Services, Industrial Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare Services and Tech

Other Funding Opportunities