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Social Enterprise Alliance is the national membership organization and key catalyst for the rapidly growing social enterprise movement in the United States. We provide social enterprises with the resources they need to succeed, support and grow social entrepreneurship on a national scale and serve as a voice for more sustainable social impact.


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A Message from the SEA Board of Directors
July 31, 2020

We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out to share with you an update about SEA 3.0 and to invite you to connect with your local SEA Chapter or with our national office. 

In May 2020, when the new National Board was elected, we launched the SEA 3.0 Task Force, which has been diligently working behind the scenes to create a foundation for a new version of our Alliance that we hope to review with SEA Chapter Leaders. The new National Board is fully composed by SEA Chapter Leaders, and has adopted a new set of SEA Board Values. We have been following a process that is collaborative and inclusive, moving SEA from 2.0 first, through 2.5, and eventually 3.0 with a co-creation approach that includes all our stakeholders. Below you will find a graphic that attempts to capture the work that we have been doing since May.

In August we are kicking off a monthly video call about SEA 3.0 with SEA Chapter Leaders and the National Board. Our hope is that in the fall, we will have co-created a strategic path for building a sustainable and resilient SEA that is transparent, inclusive and collaborative at its core.

Whether you are interested in co-creating SEA 3.0 with us, or if you are wondering how to get involved, we encourage you to approach your local SEA Chapter if there is one in your region, or our national office if you don’t have access to a local chapter. To find out the contact information of your Chapter or to reach our national staff, please email us at info@socialenterprise.us.

We look forward to co-creating with you.